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Gate to keep public safe


Gate to keep public safe

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ANYONE WONDERING about the gate at Skeete’s Hill, Rockley, Christ Church, may wonder no more.

​Skeete’s Hill is the small gap which leads across to Champers Restaurant. It is sometimes used as a shortcut for those seeking to beat the traffic, especially public service vehicles, but a gate has been erected blocking all but local access.

As such, people have been wondering how a public road could be closed by what seems to be a private entity. However, a DAILY NATION team observed there was major construction going on in the area.

​A foreman, who requested anonymity, said the project manager was James Edghill of Edghill Associates Ltd, who had petitioned Government for months before being given permission to erect the gate, adding they were building condominiums.

“There’s a lot of construction going on so we don’t want anybody to pass and get injured,” the foreman said.

Edghill revealed it was P. E. Development Limited, of which he was a part, that was building five condominiums made of precast concrete. He added the work was approved by residents and businesses in the area and should be completed by next month.

“We decided to use precast to make the work as hassle-free as possible. However, there was no way we could leave the road open and facilitate the crane so we consulted with residents in the area and applied to the Ministry of Transport and Works for permission to close it for eight weeks and it was granted,” he said.

He added part of the stipulations included placing signage around the gate and notices in the newspapers.