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Renewable energy limit set ‘too low’


Renewable energy limit set ‘too low’

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THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) feels the island’s renewable energy limit should be as high as 20 megawatts and not the seven megawatt cap instituted by the Fair Trading Commission (FTC).

​Clyde Griffith, who is also a founding member of BREA, said it was possible the recently imposed limit had already been reached.

“Our difficulty is with the low level of megawatts that the FTC has approved – seven megawatts – and that is virtually eaten up,” he said.

Griffith was speaking to the Daily Nation as BREA hosted a workshop for its recently launched Consumer Guide For Solar Photovoltaic Systems at the Barbados Coalition for Service Industries, Harbour Road, St Michael, yesterday.

Stressing that BREA believed the cap should be increased, Griffith said officials from Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) had proposed a limit of four megawatts, citing the integrity of its grid, while BREA had counter-proposed capping it off at 20.

“Light & Power has now commissioned a study. The Government should have done the study but it has not and GE, the company that has been commissioned, will be coming up with the results of that study and we hope that they will be recommending increases,” said Griffith, adding BREA had been getting the advice of a German expert who had recommended that Barbados should be pursuing a  100 per cent renewable energy programme.