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Jones tells heads ‘sorry’

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Jones tells heads ‘sorry’

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Away from the news microphones and cameras, Barbados tough-talking Minister of Education Ronald Jones yesterday apologised to principals who might have been hurt by public statements he made.

​In a meeting called by him at which attendance by primary and secondary school principals was mandatory, and to which members of the media were not invited, Jones explained his speeches were often influenced by the “spirit that provides life … and passion”.

And while apologising for the hurt he may cause from time to time, the former union leader and teacher said “but when I speak truth it must never be spoken in dark places . . . I face my critics with a broad chest and an even broader back”.

While warning the principals to be careful with what they read in the Press, he told them to be aware that the headline often differed from the story. Often, he added, individuals read only the headline and then take umbrage.

“I apologise for the media,” Jones said, charging that his words had often been misinterpreted. There are people who listen but do not hear, he added.