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Snake found in Greens

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Snake found in Greens

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A ST GEORGE man was carrying out his Saturday morning chores when he came across a snake which he said was almost three feet long.

Michael Johnson of Waithe Road, Greens said he was cleaning the yard when he saw the reptile moving around.

I was about to rake by the fence when I saw this thing moving so I put the rake on it but then it disappeared under a chair on the lawn,” he said.

He told the NATION the last time he saw a snake on his property, the cat had already taken care of it. 

Johnson said for the last seven to eight months he had not seen any of the reptiles because of the extended dry spell.  

Neighbour Paul Dixon, who helped him to hold the snake, said he has seen the animals in the area before, but this one was the biggest he has ever seen. However, his sister said she had seen a longer one.

The residents said they not afraid of the snake since they understood that it was a harmless grass snake. 

“I hear people call it a ‘horse nicker’ [and] that they only lash with their tail and are not a real danger.  They tend to run from you; they do not attack,” Johnson said. (LK)