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Tim Slinger


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A now dead child killer has surfaced as the primary link to the disappearance of Thelia Snagg, 25 years ago.

The Sunday Sun uncovered that there has long been a suspected connection between the mysterious kidnapping of the then seven-year-old Thelia and double child killer Wayne Devonish that was never officially made public by investigators.

As the 26th anniversary approaches, our probe revealed that the killer, who committed suicide four years ago at the Psychiatric Hospital, might have been responsible for the disappearance of Snagg. Her abduction on December 6, 1988 has long baffled authorities and given rise to a number of conspiracy theories.

A source with knowledge of the case which remains unsolved told the SUNDAY SUN that police fingered Devonish way back in the early 1990s but could not unearth enough pieces to the puzzle to paint a complete picture.

Devonish was convicted of the 1992 killing of his son Antonio Gilkes and daughter Kimberley in an act of unthinkable cruelty. He was also linked to the earlier disappearance of his primary school-age son Glenroy Wickham who has not been seen or heard since the 1980s.

When contacted, head of the Criminal Investigation Division Senior Superintendent Livingstone Eversley said that in the absence of evidence, the investigation into Snagg’s whereabouts remained open.