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‘Too close’ for comfort

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

‘Too close’ for comfort

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Some residents of Six Men’s, St Peter, are demanding an explanation concerning the Port Ferdinand project.

The concerned men and women held a meeting with attorneys at law and social activists Robert Clarke and David Comissiong yesterday at the site of a recently dug section, which they said was a lagoon in the making – a major point of contention.

The wide area was at least ten feet deep with the edge very close to neighbourhood houses.

Interestingly, spokesman Olmstead Hinds said those who were most affected were not actually complaining as he understood they had been promised compensation but he and other residents were less concerned about money and more concerned about the legality and the inconvenience of the situation.

“The issue is that we are not satisfied with what is going on here. We need an impact assessment done and I plan to speak to Town and Country Planning to find out why permission was given,” he said. (CA)