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BYS ‘ensuring a bright, stable future’

Randy Bennett

BYS ‘ensuring a bright, stable future’

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GOVERNMENT REMAINS COMMITTED to assisting the Barbados Youth Service (BYS) in its efforts to continue to develop well-rounded and disciplined individuals.

​This assurance came from Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, when he addressed graduates of BYS’ class of 2013 at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex on Saturday night.

While admitting that financial constraints had impacted on the Government’s ability to support some of its programmes, Lashley insisted the BYS played a crucial role in developing youth.

“Our commitment at the ministry is that through programmes like the Barbados Youth Service, the positive and rounded development of young people would be facilitated. Fulfilling this obligation now will ensure a bright and stable future for Barbados,” he pointed out.

He said for the BYS to be effective though, there needed to be assistance from both the public and private sector.

“Providing work experience is an integral part of the Barbados Youth Service programme. For it be successful, we need the assistance of both the public and private sectors.

“I therefore remind both sectors of the ongoing need to invest in our youth by partnering with us in this segment of the programme. Investing in our young people will pay significant dividends; do not miss the opportunity to do so.”

And while he promised that Government would do everything in its power to facilitate youth development, Lashley also acknowledged that the graduates needed to put their best foot forward.

“Young people must invest in themselves as well. Parents must reset their priorities and place more emphasis in supporting the training and education of their children,” he added.