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Principals’ first day

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Principals’ first day

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TODAY WAS NOT just the first day of school for students but for some principals and staff as well.

For some, it was their first day at their new appointment and the NATION was there to capture some of their movements and thoughts.

Dennis Browne started his first official term as principal at the Grantley Adams Memorial School after acting in the role last term. He said his focus would be on what the students were being taught.

“My focus last term was discipline but this term I want to focus on pedagogy in terms of what the teachers are delivering,” he said.

In addition, Browne said they would be working hard to ensure every student passing through the school would leave with some sort of documentation.

“My goal is that every student will leave with some form of certification, be it a CCSLC [Certificate of Secondary Level Competence] diploma, CXC [Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate] or a CVQ [Caribbean Vocational Qualification],” he said.

Browne was transferred from St George Secondary School which also has a new principal in Joseph Maynard. He said his pledge was to help improve the school’s environment.

“One of the things I told staff was that I am coming to learn and not with a view the students are bad behaved. I love working with children and I will do my best; once I have a better understanding, I will create a better environment than before,” he said.

In turn, Maynard formerly served at Harrison College and that school also has a new principal in Juanita Wade. She previously served as deputy principal of Queen’s College. Wade’s appointment is significant as the school’s first female principal in its more than 200 year history. Unfortunately, she was unable to speak to the NATION as she was in meetings.

The St Michael School also welcomed a new female head in the former deputy principal of Christ Church Foundation Yvette Mayers. She said she was in the process of settling in but planned to keep up the school’s goal of striving for excellence. (CA)