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Pleased with our trips to Barbados

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Pleased with our trips to Barbados

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Dear Christine,

WE HAVE been coming to Barbados for the last 20 plus years and would like to share two experiences that happened on our trip this year.

We had just left the gift shop at Harrison’s Cave. Ahead of us was a couple with three children – one of them a small child in a stroller. We heard them talking to someone outside in the parking lot and they were informed that all of the buses had left and the next one would not be there for at least an hour.

We had a small car but offered to make two trips to the bus stop, which was about half-a-mile away. However, the ups and downs on the very narrow road might have doubled the distance as well as the risk.  The couple thanked us and said they would walk to the bus stop, so we drove off.

On the way we both voiced concern about both the distance and the difficult narrow and hilly roadway. We made the decision for Barbara (my wife) to wait at the bus stop to flag down a bus if one came and also decided that I would return and pick up the couple and children. I returned and found them only a short distance from the entrance to Harrison’s Cave.

This time they agreed to fit into our car as I explained the distance and hills. They were just getting into the car when a bus appeared and stopped in front of us. Who was in the bus waving and smiling but my wife?

When the bus stopped at the usual stop on the main road, she had informed the driver of the plight of the young family. With almost no pause he said: “Hop in.” She did. He backed up and went down the small road to Harrison’s Cave, thereby going out of his way to pick them up.

As we drove away we both said almost simultaneously, “Only in Barbados.” We have had similar experiences getting lost on Barbados’ many ‘well marked’ roads. However, bus drivers (as well as just about anyone) were always kind enough to stop and give us directions.

As if the above was not enough during this trip, a day later we were to take the wife and daughter of a very dear friend and colleague to the restaurant at Atlantis Hotel. As we were leaving the hotel we asked the culinary staff if they could prepare a roti or something for our friend’s mother, since at the last minute, she was unable to visit. The staff agreed to do that for us under the circumstances.

The “Only in Barbados” moment came when the roti was ready and we went to collect and pay for it. We were told it was “on the house in view of the circumstances”.

It seems they too knew of our friend’s husband who was ill. As pleased and surprised as we were, we agreed that these events could only happen in Barbados.

– Barbara and Charles Pierce, guests of Bougainvillea Beach Resort


Dear Barbara and Charles Pierce,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your island experiences with local readers as well as the many people worldwide who read our online publication.

In the face of so much negative news these days, experiences such as yours are always a delight to read. I trust you will continue to visit our beautiful island and that you’ll tell others about this gem in the Caribbean.

Perhaps the next time you come to Barbados you can pay a visit to The Nation’s offices at Fontabelle, St Michael.