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Ramon Dodson: The man and his muscles

Tyson Henry

Ramon Dodson: The man and his muscles

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There’s ripped, and then there’s Doddy ripped. Dedicated to physique, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Ramon “Doddy” Dodson is a fitness professional, a fitness writer and a national men’s physique competitor.

Like many, you probably already knew this, or had an idea.

What you won’t know about Doddy is that he approaches training with such an unearthly work ethic and attention to detail that it wouldn’t be exaggerative to call him a scientist. Recently he wrested the World Sport Classic physique crown in Trinidad and Tobago.

Q: How do you continually intensify your workouts and avoid plateaus and mental burnout?

A: I try to incorporate outdoor training or some new, non-gym, training protocol (gymnastics, martial arts, a sport, etc.) every couple months to keep my body guessing and engender new challenges. There are a myriad of training possibilities one can consider when outside, ranging from hassle-free calisthenics (movements using only your body weight) to highly metabolic functions like hill sprinting or tyre flipping. In addition to a change in environment, rest is a useful component in any fitness programme. I make sure to include at least one rest day per week during normal training periods and one entire week off from strenuous activity every couple months. Rest periods allow one’s body and mind to recharge and can minimise the occurrence of injury.

Q: What outdoor elements have you used the most for your workouts recently?

A: Over the past few months I have been preparing for various physique contests and, as such, I have been incorporating movements that will develop my lagging areas and create a desirable metabolic effect to keep my body fat low. The focus of late has therefore caused me to include variations of pull-ups and chin-ups, push-up variations, muscle-ups, tyre flipping, swimming intervals, hill sprints, burpees and sand bag circuits.

Q: What kind of foods do you eat or avoid to achieve the results you do?

A: Generally, I avoid refined foods and processed foods. I make sure to include all macronutrients, as all are important for optimal heath and performance.

Q: How do you mentally prepare for workouts, and how often do you suggest working out?

A: My mental preparation involves a self-pep talk and a period of reflection on my fitness goals. Sometimes, I reflect on my non-fitness aspirations as well because I believe the principles that affect a successful fitness lifestyle are applicable to general success. Workout needs will vary from individual to individual. A person’s goals, body type, lifestyle and the training protocol they are employing will all bear weight when determining workout frequency. The average person will benefit from at least three days per week, particularly if their goals revolve around aesthetics.

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