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Armoured vehicles on the way

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Armoured vehicles on the way

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THE NATIONAL Security Ministry is taking its fight against crime in this country “to the next level”, with the purchase of armoured personnel carriers that can withstand high-powered rifles and grenades.

In an article entitled “Firepower”, published in March, the Express exclusively reported more than 20 specially outfitted armoured vehicles, including armoured sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and armoured personnel carriers (APCs), would arrive in Trinidad and Tobago soon to assist the country’s law enforcement in the fight against crime.

Citizens yesterday got their first glimpse of an APC in a poster from the Ministry of National Security, posted on social media site Facebook.

“We’re taking our fight to the next level,” the poster stated.

“Our defences are only as good as our personnel defending you. The armoured personnel carrier will protect the troops from today’s high-powered rifles, grenades and explosives, in hostile and potentially hazardous conditions, and allow them to reach their objectives on time and ready to perform their operation,” it stated.

The ministry said it will supplement the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force’s fleet “with these types of vehicles, for use by our protective services”.

“Protecting you in times of unrest,” the poster stated.

“The plan is to fight fire with fire and go into the ulti­mate hotspot areas and take the fight back to the so-called gang leaders who actually have the impression that certain areas and communities belong to them,” National Security Minister Gary Griffith said in an interview with the Express when the story was published.

“We will be going in very hard with clinical precision, with a special operation group,” Griffith said.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is expected to acquire 14 naval vessels in 2015, the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) has stated.

The vessels in question are 12 high-speed inboard diesel interceptors and two XSR 16-metre interceptor vessels.

The Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard (TTAG) is expected to be allocated $229 million to purchase helicopters.

“An allocation of $1 187 million will also be allocated to the TTAG to meet the contractual obligations for acquisition, maintenance and training support of four medium twin-turbine helicopters,” the PSIP stated.

“Additionally, $42 million will be allocated to the TTAG in 2015 to initiate the acquisition of six helicopters, consisting of four light twin-turbine and two medium twin-turbine aircraft,” it stated. (Trinidad Express)