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Mum at loss over son’s shooting

Carlos Atwell

Mum at loss over son’s shooting

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The Ivy community in St Michael is looking for answers.

How and why did a quiet, church-going man like Dwayne Johnson, one of their own who celebrates his 34th birthday today, land in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with a bullet in his back?

His mother, Joycelyn Ashby, said her son was not one to mix or go outside much so she did not know what happened to him on that fateful day.

Last Friday, it was reported that Johnson was in a public service vehicle travelling along Collymore Rock, St Michael, when he was allegedly involved in an altercation and shot.

Ashby said she heard about the shooting from a neighbour, but did not believe him at first.

“I was at home when a fella tell me he hear my son get shoot, but he is a man who like to make sport so I didn’t believe him. But I couldn’t reach Dwayne. then I got a call from the police,” she said.

The perplexed mum said the violence in Barbados today was disturbing.