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Victim a dutiful and loving man

Carlos Atwell

Victim a dutiful and loving man

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Neipaul Trotman was a good father and a loving partner, said a grieving Danielle Brathwaite yesterday.

She could barely bear the pain of losing the love of her life after a shocking daylight shooting which took Neipaul’s life at Fitts Village beach, St James, on Wednesday. The 27-year-old described the events of that fateful day, which started out as a family trip to the beach just behind their home.

“I took our son Neikobe to the beach and he asked for his daddy. Then he started to run and I ran behind him but then I saw him with his daddy so I turned around. I had forgotten my keys so I went back inside and in less than five minutes I heard an explosion,” she said.

Brathwaite said she initially thought it was a tyre blowing out but her worst fears were confirmed when more loud explosions rang out.

“I kept hearing the same sound so I ran outside and saw people scampering. At that point my only concern was for my son and Neipaul. I saw a fella carrying my son so I started looking for Neipaul and then I saw him on the ground holding his stomach,” she said.