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ALTAR CALL: Pastor: God never forgets

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: Pastor: God never forgets

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Do you sometimes feel as though God has forgotten you? That He is not there for you? The truth is, God has not forgotten you and you are not abandoned.

Giving this assurance recently to those gathered at Carrington Wesleyan Holiness Church, Welches, St Michael, was Pastor Anthony Quintyne of Healing For The Soul Ministries.

The Barbadian-born, United States-based minister, who was preaching during a special week of services, assured those in the packed sanctuary that while the devil would sometimes play with their minds and tell them the church, their friends and even their family had forgotten and abandoned them, God promised never to leave or forget them.

He further told them that “when it seems like God is not working things out on your behalf”, He is actually at work, despite the challenges they will face in life.

“When you begin to feel alone, that is the worst place to be for any believer, but you are not abandoned. God is a God who remembers. You are not alone. God is a God of remembrance. He does not abandon His people,” Quintyne said.

Basing his message on Isaiah 49, Psalm 138 and other portions of scripture, Quintyne said that “even if a mother forgets her child”, God will never forget His people. He will remember His promises and His word towards His people, the minister added.

“It may seem as though He has forgotten you but He will remember His word and promises towards you and bring them to pass.”

He told his listeners God would perfect that which concerned them and would not forsake the works of His hands.

The preacher said that based on God’s perfect knowledge of his people, He was capable of bringing everything concerning them to fruition in His own timing.

“The God who made you fearfully and wonderfully will not forget or abandon you. God remembers you. He has plans for you that will blow your mind if you stay faithful to Him.”

Looking at the story of Noah, Quintyne noted that when God was about to flood the earth because of the wickedness and immorality of man, even in His judgement there was mercy.

He added that despite the 150 days Noah spent in the ark not seeing his way out, the Bible declared that in due season God remembered Noah.

“Just when you are least expecting, God remembers His word and moves on your behalf, suddenly. How can God forget you?”

He listed individuals in the Bible whom God “favourably remembered” and turned their situations around. Among these were Abraham and Lot when He was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Rachel when she wanted to bear children, Israel when it was in bondage, when Mary conceived Jesus, and the penitent thief on the cross when Jesus was being crucified.