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Church shift welcome

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Church shift welcome

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So far, the Queen’s Park Steel Shed is receiving a thumbs up from the congregation of the Cathedral of St Michael and All Angels.

The church held its fourth service – and first Sunday school – in its new temporary location yesterday and by almost all accounts, it passed with flying colours.

Since August 27, services have been held there as the Cathedral undergoes extensive interior decoration and repairs.

The Steel Shed is a spacious area, although not quite as large as the nearby Cathedral. There were a number of empty seats but some people still opted to sit along the sides where there were raised platforms.

Dr Wendy Sealy said the Steel Shed was a cosier environment in the sense that people were now closer together.

“It is good from the perspective it is still close to the Cathedral so there is hardly any dislocation and it has brought the congregation together. In the church we were more scattered but now we are a little bit more confined and can work together better spiritually,” she said.

Sealy said the only drawback was that it was a bit hot despite the ceiling fans, but that was solvable by opening the windows.

Donnah Russell said she too liked the togetherness of the environment which she added was what was really important. She said any small inconveniences were inconsequential in comparison to the grand scheme of things, namely the restoration of the Cathedral.

Coreen Lashley and Shirley Reece loved the new locale so much, they said they would not mind if they could stay longer. They said they appreciated the clean, accessible bathrooms, adding the Steel Shed was a nice alternative while the church was receiving a spruce-up.

Harriett Blackman said there was a bit of displacement but it was tolerable until the church was ready.

“It’s just a different atmosphere but we have to make adjustments to improve the church so if we have to come here, it is not a problem. We are not sitting as we are accustomed, there is a bit of displacement, but it is not forever,” she said.

Kenrick White said the venue was the best one under the circumstances and he had no problems with it.

One man, who did not wish to be identified, said he had heard some people, who he said were set in their ways, grumbling but he personally was okay with the temporary shift.

“I am satisfied. It is not inconvenient although there are some who are set in their ways who believe church should be in a church, but I fit in. The environment is similar and it has all the facilities you need,” he said.

As for the Sunday school, it was held under a gazebo in the park, a refreshing change for the youth.

Dean Frank Marshall told yesterday’s SUNDAY SUN that they were expected to keep worship in the Steel Shed for another “couple of weeks” before returning to the Catherdral in time for its 225th anniversary celebrations.

“We are having the walls stripped for fungus and repainted in time for the flower show from September 26-29 and the bazaar on the church green from September 27. We are pushing ahead with the work for it to be completed within ten days,” he added. (CA)