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AG: Post Office on alert for smuggling

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

AG: Post Office on alert for smuggling

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Systems are being put in place to prevent smugglers from using the Barbados Postal Service as a gateway for their illegal activities, especially firearms.

Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite said a proactive measure is in the works to stamp this practice out.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony for the Caribbean Postal Training Centre in the General Post Office, Cheapside, The City.

“Two weeks ago I sat down with the Postmaster-General [Joel Brathwaite] and we were discussing the issue of security and how do we ensure the Post Office is not used as a conduit for contraband, in particular illegal firearms.

“This is an area we are going to pay particular attention to; we will make training available to as many officers as possible so they can recognise all parts of a firearm in the event that the post is indeed used as a conduit,” he said.

The Attorney General said this work had already started, telling the postmaster general a programme had been done and he would be hearing from him “very, very soon” concerning additional security training. (CA)