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DEAR CHRISTINE: Too many living life of slackness

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Too many living life of slackness

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Dear Christine,

I do hope you will print this letter as it is written. I also hope that God will bless you and those who really make up this Christine column.

Christine, I feel Barbados is becoming a nation of bastards. I mean these women don’t care. All they do is give sex away, have fun and when they become pregnant, they call on you and the Government for assistance.

With all my heart I ask you please not to let them get you down with their troubles. They really don’t care.

My God, Christine, what are we going to do with all these children who are being irresponsibly brought into this world? It is really bad for the children. These women blight themselves – why pass it on to the children?

Recently, I heard one guy say he needs a virgin. I would like to find one too. It is difficult to imagine there are many among the children coming out of school with their disgraceful behaviour. Just watch and listen to them.

And our teenaged girls have the nerve – when they are exhibiting themselves in loud, crude and disgraceful ways on the buses and on the streets – to demand respect from the men or speak about women’s lib.

After they have knocked from pillar to post, they want to marry someone decent.

I honestly believe that careless and irresponsible parents should be punished. What do you think?

– VT

Dear VT,

A lot of what you’ve said is true and I understand how sad, sick and angry one can get when one sees some of the behaviour of some young people.

While a lot of it comes from ignorance, it would be true to say that many “younger parents of today” know only how to provide for their children’s material/social needs. They do not instil in them enough spiritual values.

I have seen and heard some of the behaviour to which you refer, but I have also seen decent, gracious young women and men. They also have fun and laughter and there is no crudity or vulgarity in their attitude and speech.

I do not mind the fallen ones coming to me for assistance if they have the right attitude, but I always make it clear that assistance and support are two different things.

I cannot condone the things they do that get them in trouble in the first place, but I do point out to them that the past, however bad it was, is the past and that there is a better way of life that can be chosen if they are willing to change course.