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Second home lost

Randy Bennett

Second home lost

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After losing her home to fire 24 years ago, Shirley Burt never thought she would have to go through that pain and agony again.

It never crossed her mind that she and her daughter would be forced to share a beat-up, ramshackled, floorless shed either.

Shirley, 56, and her daughter Sophia have found themselves in such unfavourable circumstances after watching their two homes at Coconut Walk, Hastings, Christ Church, burn to the ground last Friday night.

Just a few feet away, nestled alongside a breadfruit tree, rests a dilapidated wooden structure, which once served as a storage area for both families.

For Shirley and Sophia, though, it is their home now.

Unable to find any shelter since their uninsured homes, which they shared with seven other family members, were destroyed by fire, they have had no choice but to move into the galvanized and wooden shed, which has no electricity or running water and is exposed to the elements.