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DEAR CHRISTINE: Kudos to driver, Atlantis Hotel

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Kudos to driver, Atlantis Hotel

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Dear Readers,

I’ll take the opportunity today to publish some of the comments given in response to an article which appeared in the DAILY NATION of September 2 under the headline Pleased With Our Trip To Barbados. It was signed by Barbara and Charles Pierce, former guests of Bougainvillea Beach Resort.

The decision to carry some of these responses is based purely on the fact that tourism is our No. 1 industry and much of the feedback from our online readers relates to the tourism industry. I hope, therefore, that you readers will enjoy the following.

•  “I really hope our tourism officials jump quick on this one and realise that an opportunity for a proper ad campaign is staring us in the face. We even

have the slogan Only In Barbados. We cannot recompense every tourist but this couple stands out for many reasons. They’re enuine, thoughtful and I am sure willing to help us out – and we sure need all the helpwe can get. Go for it, Petra, and all new hands on deck!

“To Barbara and Charles, thank you so very much. With whatever power may be invested in me I declare you to be honorary citizens of my country and hope somebody with more clout will make contact with you.

“You are welcome any time and I hope all and sundry get to follow your wonderful examples of what to do in any country. We are deeply touched and very appreciative!” – Wayne Webster

• “It is heart-warming to have this episode brought to light. All we ever hear today is about the bad and the ugly. I would like to commend Barbara and Charles Pierce, the culinary staff at the Atlantis Hotel, the bus driver and the Atlantis Hotel for their foresight and humanism.

“Together you have all done more for Barbados than a huge marketing budget could do. This is a clear example of what can be achieved when we all pull together in the same direction.

“Blessings to all concerned.” – Tony Waterman


• “I agree, Christine. After being bogged down by the negative day after day, this was quite a refreshing read. As helpful as Bajans are, Mr and Mrs Pierce should be commended for their own compassion. Some other people might have left that young family on their own but they went the extra mile to assist. Again, thank you for sharing this heartwarming story.” – Linda Smith


 “Nobody can play their part for tourism like a Bajan; it’s our business. When we’re good, we are very good, and when we’re bad, we can be very bad.

“Kudos to the bus driver and the folk at Atlantis Hotel for showing the Pierces what true Barbadian hospitality is all about. It’s the warmth, kindness and friendliness of our people that keep visitors coming back time and time again. That’s what they say, so let’s capitalise on it.               

“Such publicity by visitors on these memorable experiences brings greater lasting results for our tourism than any generic magazine or television advertisement. The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. should use this couple in its promotions to leverage the island.

“Come on, Barbados! Let’s show the world – visitors and nationals – the ‘Bajan way’ and continue to showcase our greatest resource, our lovely people.” – Carl Harper

• “While I appreciate the sentiments of the Pierces, I must ask them if in the 20-plus years that they have visited Barbados, are these two acts of ‘Only in Barbados’ the only ones that they have experienced in Barbados throughout that time?

“One of the things that we must be careful of is that while we should be courteous and graceful to compliments by visitors to our shores, we should not adopt a mindset that we have to be ‘perfect peacocks on display’ to be praised by visitors to our shores. The kindness and charity shown by Bajans as experienced by the Pierces is the norm and not the exception.

“Based on their surprise and pleasure, are we to believe that in the Pierces’ home country there are no persons who would have done the same? I know my Bajans are, by their nature, good and sincere people. However, just like in every country in the world where the visitors to our shores come from, this country has some citizens who engage in illegal and unlawful activities.

“Just as the bad people are not representative of the other countries, so too in Barbados the bad people never will be representative of Bajans.

“Let’s hold strong to those qualities that make us proud and loyal Bajans. That is our gift to the world when they come and visit us.” – Carl Husbands