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Help held up by land dispute


Help held up by land dispute

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A LAND DISPUTE that was highlighted when a social report was done by the Rural Development Commission (RDC) on Pearline Downes’ home is what prevented it from being repaired after it was damaged by Tropical Storm Tomas.

However, Minister of Housing and Lands Denis Kellman said he had the opportunity to view documents regarding the land at Bathsheba, St Joseph, which suggest that Downes, as well as her brother Earl Ifill, are entitled to a portion of the property. 

Therefore, he added, the matter would be investigated to find out why Downes was not the owner of the land to which she was entitled and once the legal issues were dealt with, the house would be constructed.

Downes’ plight was highlighted in the DAILY NATION last Thursday when, after a dispute with her daughter, she was forced to return to the crumbling home she bought back in 1988, but which was badly damaged by Tomas in 2010. She had been staying with her daughter since the storm.