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Just squatters


Just squatters

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Six Men’s residents who are complaining about expansion work at Port Ferdinand Marina have no case – they are squatters.

Since the operators of the St Peter marina started dredging close to the homes of the residents recently, they have been expressing concern about the impact it would have on their properties and their lives.

Yesterday, however, Minister of Housing and Lands and veteran St Lucy Member of Parliament Denis Kellman said: “What you might have seen are squatters complaining . . . . The only difference is that the person they are complaining about has permission, but they do not have permission.”

Kellman was speaking to the media yesterday after a visit to Bathsheba, St Joseph, where he promised to assist resident Pearline Downes, whose home had been damaged in 2010 by Tropical Storm Tomas, but who had not received any help from the state.