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Haydn the hero

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Haydn the hero

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SO BARBADOS’ biggest ever tie was decided on the racquet of Haydn Lewis.

Yeah, who saw that coming?

Oh wait.

Yup, I think a certain someone wrote back in January that Barbados’ Davis Cup hopes will hinge on Lewis’ performance, as the local No. 2 is more crucial – though no longer the better – half of the dynamic duo.

Sadly, the sentiment was badly misconstrued and the surrounding comments were taken as a slight on the silky southpaw, but the point clearly remains that this current squad goes as far as dear ole Haydn can take it right now.

Again, this isn’t to dismiss the abilities of Seanon Williams or Russell Moseley, considering they’re good players in their own right.

Yet they’ll be the first to tell you those same abilities also don’t quite match up to the ones of their more seasoned and decorated counterpart.

And if you think otherwise, then you’re not only a stranger to the truth, but you were one to the National Tennis Centre this weekend too.

If not, then you got a chance to see Lewis’ range of elite skills – if not all at once – that include a booming serve, an equally thunderous forehand and one great pair of hands around the net.

What he doesn’t have, though, is the confidence of a man playing regularly on tour, which makes his tie-clinching yet pressure-filled victory that much more impressive.

So here’s hoping he can find the financial assistance to get back playing regularly again, because Barbados tennis will prosper from it more than he will.

Feel-good story. Along with being foreseen, isn’t it also fitting that Haydn would be the one to deliver Barbados’ biggest moment?

Think about all the heartache Lewis suffered as the lone elite player on Davis Cup teams of the past that struggled in Group IV, then the whispers of criticism pointed in his direction now that his personal results aren’t as good.

So when many thought this promotion tie rested on Barbados winning Saturday’s doubles, Lewis gave everyone a quiet reminder that it’s no fluke he just happens to own all of the country’s major Davis Cup records.

Now he also owns its most historic achievement. Talk about a real feel-good story.

Seeing is believing. Boy, is Darian King good.

While we were all caught up with the euphoria of Lewis’ dramatic tie-clinching win (and rightfully so), somehow his counterpart’s extremely dominant showing just happened to slip under the radar.

Exactly how good was the performance? Well, King played 11 sets in total for the entire weekend and dropped serve once!

Yes, you read that right. Once!

And if there ever was a weak point to his game, that would be it.

But it appears every time I see the fast-rising 22-year-old he’s just that much better, what with the world No. 319 seemingly able to produce passing shots on command and from either wing.

I mean, he did say he was working on dictating play and winning points quicker, but I guess, as the saying goes, seeing is truly believing.