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Danger lurks by Joe’s River bridge

Lisa King

Danger lurks by Joe’s River bridge

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A death trap. That is how St Joseph residents described the old weighbridge at Joe’s River, which is deceptively covered in grass on the edge of the road.

Barbara Yarde, who was sitting at the nearby Rum Shack at St Elizabeth, St Joseph, said the area needed to be marked and urgently covered.

“The entire area is overgrown with bush and a lot of people do not know the real danger that is in there. Any car run over there it will be lost” she said.

Yarde said a few minutes before the WEEKEND NATION arrived she passed the area in a minivan and immediately expressed concern about it.

“It is the old [vehicle] scale . . . that was used by the plantation to weigh cane trucks.  

“If it was big enough that the truck carrying the canes could fit on it then you would be able to imagine how big the hole is.

“If you coming around there and lose control you might figure instead of trying to break the corner you would run into the bushy area not knowing that you are going into that big hole,” Yarde said.