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‘Time to face marijuana issue’

John Sealy

‘Time to face marijuana issue’

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Speaker of the House Michael Carrington is calling on Barbadians to look at the legalisation of marijuana, given its widespread use and campaigns for it to be part of mainstream society.

He is saying, however, his position is that the drug must be treated as illegal until determined otherwise by the laws of Barbados.

Carrington was speaking at the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) St James North constituency branch meeting last Sunday afternoon at Weston Community Centre, St James.

“I am not going to subscribe to the view that it will soon be legal, that it has medicinal use and they use it in Jamaica so turn a blind eye. I know we live in the real world and it has been legalised in some places and certain tests done.”

But Carrington, who came to the House of Assembly on a DLP ticket for the constituency of St Michael West, said legalisation was, “something that we have to confront sooner or later; we might not like it.”