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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Right key to housing

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Right key to housing

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A sick woman faces eviction from a Government house to make way for a stronger person, but she is unable to get any help from anyone.

The woman’s relative who spoke to Cou Cou claimed when she went to make representation for the ailing woman at the institution involved, an official there told her nothing could be done because the order to evict came from above.

From what we have been told by those seeking to assist the now distraught woman, strings are being pulled by a particular big-up to get the woman out so someone else can get in.

Who that someone is remains unclear, as is the reason why there is such a push to help the individual, though some believe it could be related to the loyalty shown to the particular dynasty involved.

What is clear, though, is that with few houses available to assist those in need, individuals with the right passport will get be given priority – and, in this case, seemingly get something even at the expense of someone else.

From what we have been told, the institution has given the frantic woman until the end of this month to leave the house, or she can look forward to having her meagre belongings thrown out next to the road.

The thing is, no paperwork has been forthcoming from the institution about this pending action. Everything to date has been by word of mouth.

It seems that those in the know realise their action could be reasonably questioned so nothing is being put in writing.

Value in question

Why would a reputable garage give a re-selling company a valuation of $80 000 for a five-year-old SUV in pristine condition but give a private individual a valuation of about $15 000 less for a same-model SUV that is two years younger and in similar pristine condition?    

Was this done because the company regularly leases vehicles from that garage and the higher valuation would ensure they could sell the SUV at a higher price?

Or was it a genuine mistake that occurred because two different individuals employed by the garage did the valuations, and one of them didn’t know what he was doing?

These are just some of the questions a man is asking after he went SUV-shopping and was confronted with this situation.

The man claims this is not the first time he has seen this happen and would like the companies that sell vehicles to police themselves to ensure such things stop happening.

Setting the agenda

A charm offensive is on.

Well, at least that is how one politico termed it.

According to him, you have to get out and set the agenda or people would talk about things you would prefer them not to engage in.

That is why you talk about public transport and the roads, and show off whatever progress you’re making. The people would see and hear you talking about the things they are concerned about, and realise you care about what is important to them.  

He told Cou Cou that right now people want their income tax returns and that’s taking a while, so you have to get their minds off money, or before you know it they would be asking why the big man spent quarter million dollars in nine days and doesn’t have anything of substance to show.

This strategist explained what is being done is really elementary and is necessary when you have little going on otherwise.

For sure, though, the strategist said this approach is better than rubbing shoulders and holding forums to discuss things because after all of the complaining and talk, nothing happens.

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