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Celebrating Mother Bailey


Celebrating  Mother Bailey

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ARCHBISHOP Dr Aaron Williams meant no disrespect to his late father Archbishop Dr Granville Williams during his funeral earlier this year.

Williams told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday during the funeral service for his aunt Queen Grand Abbess Esme Bailey at the Sons of God Spiritual Baptist Cathedral, Ealing Grove, Christ Church, he was referring to scripture when he said he was going to strip all of the senior Williams’ titles away.

“When my father died, I said something which disturbed a lot of people, that I was going to strip him of every honour but in Revelations, it is said God will have a white stone with your new name on it,” he said.

Williams explained that stone was more important than any worldly accomplishment or accolade and was the only title or honour someone would need after they moved on from this life.

As for losing his late aunt, Williams said: “I lost my father on April 6 and I lost my aunt not too long after. One blow like that can put you down but blow after blow like this is like you’re in a boxing ring. It is very hard; you don’t know when the bell will toll but I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.”

Williams said one thing which got him through was not to look at their passing as death but as God calling them home.

However, Williams called it “unfortunate” that a person’s achievements often went unrecognised until after their passing.

“If the works of my aunt had been known internationally, she could have played an important role among women who have been ostracised, knocked around and dumped. She was a rare breed, a once in a lifetime woman and even heaven feels her loss,” he said.

Meanwhile, Presiding Bishop Malcolm Babb described Bailey as a “tremendous” person who was very open and always willing to give advice.

“She was the mother of the secret chamber, the mother of our baptism, she was everything in the church. Her children and grandchildren will greatly miss her as will we all,” he said.

Visiting Bishop Simon Rock from Massachusetts said, “She was a wonderful woman and a role model for all females in the church. She excelled in virtue and is still virtuous. We will miss her greatly,” he said.

Rock said some of the churches Bailey influenced included Pillar of Fire, Zion and Scarlet Cord in Massachusetts and Bethlehem in New York.