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Slaughtered and dumped at sea

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Slaughtered and dumped at sea

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JURORS in the Vindra Naipaul-Coolman murder trial yesterday heard how the Chaguanas businesswoman’s body was cut into pieces with an electric saw, placed in garbage bags and temporarily buried before being dug up and dumped out at sea.

The source of that information came from an interview conducted between Earl “Bobo” Trimmingham, one of the accused men, and homicide detectives in May 2007.

During the interview, Trimmingham allegedly confessed to hearing one of his co-accused in late November or December 2006, saying there was a “wuk” to be carried out.

He allegedly said that in December, he saw another co-accused removing a woman of East Indian descent from inside a vehicle. The woman’s hands and feet were bound with duct tape, he was recorded as saying.

Trimmingham spoke of how in the later days, he again saw the woman, whom he then realised was Naipaul-Coolman, lying on a pool table in a small red-brick house at La Puerta, Diego Martin. At the time she appeared to be dead, he said.

He said he saw his co-accused taking turns in cutting up her body on the pool table with the electric saw and placing the body parts in garbage bags, before they proceeded to a hilly area where the body was buried. Trimmingham said he also accompanied the men to the burial spot.

The body was subsequently removed from the hole and taken to Carenage where it was placed in a boat, taken out to sea and dumped, Trimmingham was recoded as saying.

The interview was conducted between Trimmingham, Supt Jason Forde and WPC Johnson at the Port of Spain homicide office on May 12, 2007. (Trinidad Express)