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‘Legalise ganja’ protest hits City streets

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‘Legalise ganja’ protest hits City streets

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CALVIN CHASE has had all he can stand and he cannot stand any more.

Chase, more well known as Bongo Lights, took to the City streets yesterday with placards in hand, calling for the legalisation of marijuana.

Passionately putting his case, he pleaded for the law to be changed so Rastafari could stop being harassed.

“America has cooperated with its citizens to free up ganja for recreational use but why not here? Please change

 the law and stop harassing us!

“We have skills and a function in society as citizens!” he said.

Chase was joined in his protest by political activist Mark Adamson, as well as Michael “Yankee” Ifill, as they marched through Broad Street to Heroes Square.

Chase said marijuana had many uses, such as in clothing and oils, and was proven to help in a variety of diseases and was much less dangerous than alcohol, which was legal.

“Me and my brethren have been thinking a lot about this issue, where for years we were being harassed. It has got to the point where we couldn’t take it anymore.

“If Government taps into the [hemp] market, it can work. We need to get serious and let us talk and work this out,” he said. (CA)