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Corey Worrell


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I share a belief that fairness and balance should be attributes displayed in all relationships. As a long-standing customer of LIME, I believe I have a relationship with them and as a result should also display such attributes.

At the beginning of this month, I needed to send some important emails urgently from my laptop but didn’t have any Internet at home. Most smartphones are able to broadcast wi-Fi by becoming hotspots and though I never needed to use it before, I had a reason to now. I turned on the hotspot on my phone, opened my laptop, connected and sent the emails. I did this twice a day for three days.

A few days later, I felt a need to check my LIME account online and to my surprise, I incurred an extremely high charge for data usage of over $300 over a three-day period. The following day, I went to LIME in the Dome Mall to inquire about this high charge.

Immediately on entering the store, I was greeted by a male customer service representative who was very polite and professional. I explained my concerns and the gentleman proceeded to assist me. I asked many questions, some of which he couldn’t answer so he referred me to one of his colleagues, Lisa Belgrave. This lady was exceptional in customer service and although I burdened her with so many questions, she did not once show any frustration or annoyance. At one point, she said: “Mr Worrell, don’t worry, just be calm, I am here to help you.” This really made me smile.

After speaking with her for about 40 minutes, she explained to me what caused the extremely high charge and it was no fault of LIME’s.

I only used the wi-Fi hotspot to send emails, which use very little data but, while I was doing that, all ten tabs that were opened in my Internet browser used up my data and pushed me over my limit and as a result, I was charged heavily. She proceeded to give me advice so as not to repeat the error, to which I was very grateful. I would recommend though that some seating be placed in the store for customers.

Having experienced such good service, I visited other LIME stores or outlets at Windsor Lodge, Carlisle House, Swan Street and Sheraton and to my surprise, the service was generally the same. I went into each store, pretended to be checking the phones on display to see if someone would ask if I needed assistance. Guess what? They did. Amazingly, at Sheraton and Windsor Lodge, as soon as I opened the door I was greeted with “Good afternoon sir, welcome to LIME, how can I be of assistance?” I asked each customer service representative in three of the stores the same question: “Since LIME is offering fibre Internet service, does that mean I no longer need to install a landline?” Each of them responded: “I am not sure and would have to inquire about it for you.”

Four months ago I blasted LIME for their poor customer service but today I want to commend them for the enormous change that has taken place over that time. The new black uniforms with the brightly coloured neckpieces are very trendy and fashionable; the new designs of the stores are a plus; phones on display that actually work is greatly appreciated and LIME TV being shown while you wait is a welcome addition. I have also observed that since the staff now work standing up, they are more engaging, aware and efficient. The only thing lacking now is the free Wi-Fi.

I want to take this time to say a heartfelt thanks to Marilyn Sealy, Rachel Pilgrim and Paul Hayward of LIME, who allowed me to vent my frustration with them four months ago. Although I know there is still a lot more work to be done, I have observed the changes and improvements thus far and I am very grateful.

• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.