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Bandleaders want quality

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Bandleaders  want quality

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Bandleaders are calling on the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to cap the number of bands on the road for Foreday Morning.

And responding to the NCF’s chief executive officer Cranston Browne’s suggestion to move the starting time of Foreday Morning Jam to 10 p.m., several have also voiced their opposition to this idea.

Speaking on the second day of the NCF’s Let’s Talk series at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed on Tuesday evening, some bandleaders were of the opinion that the NCF should instead limit the number of registered bands to between 30 and 35.

Some also want a limit on the number of trucks bands take on the road. Rodney King, of the band Kama Sutra, said he welcomed new entities into the festival. However, he added the increasing numbers were causing too much confusion on the road.

He told the meeting bandleaders and revellers were annually confronted with a plethora of problems as a result of the high number of bands. He said if the numbers increased, one could only imagine the chaos that could ensue.

“What is the sense of registering 64 or 70 bands? Just to say the festival is growing? The amount of registered bands does not indicate that the carnival itself has grown,” King said.

He explained that it was not necessarily a situation where the number of people was increasing. He said some revellers left one band and joined or formed another.