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NUPW investing in education

Carlos Atwell

NUPW investing in education

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THE NATIONAL UNION of Public Workers (NUPW) will be instituting new programmes in an effort to try to ensure all the nation’s children receive a proper education.

They will be taking a three pronged approach, focusing on those sitting the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination (Common Entrance); a reading component; and a programme for those leaving secondary school.

The idea was spearheaded by principal Jeff Broomes.

“Last night the NUPW gave the green light to two projects. One of them is the NUPW Education Outreach School (NEOS) project in devotion to our social responsibility and to scale back the austerity measures affecting our members which was conceptualised by Jeff Broomes,” said president Walter Maloney.

NEOS will be free of charge and will take place in the LV Harcourt Lewis Building, Dalkeith, St Michael and will include the reading component.

In addition, the NUPW will be establishing another programme for those leaving secondary school without certification called the Second Chances Academy. A payment structure will be attached.

Broomes said he was “very concerned” about the high numbers of students leaving school without certification and was pleased to partner with the union.

“There are a number of schools which do not give a second chance in fifth form and those schools will increase. This will be a place where children who have left school can come and improve their academic profile,” he said.