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Available to give advice, says Clarke

Carlos Atwell

Available to give advice, says Clarke

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Retiring National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) general secretary Dennis Clarke does not want to cast a shadow over his successor, so he has no plans of taking a consultancy position.

“I would never want to be in a situation where people are seen as operating in my shadow. If you want to call me for advice, I am willing to give it but I am more looking to spend quality time with the family,” he said.

Clarke, speaking during a Press conference yesterday in the L.V. Harcourt Lewis Building, Dalkeith, St Michael, said he was not in a position to say who the next general secretary would be once he retires October 31, adding the NUPW operated differently from the Barbados Workers’ Union.

“Our system of operation is much different from our sister union across the river. It is a matter which has engaged the council up to last night [Wednesday] and it is hopeful some decision will be made.

“My whole approach is to let the system work by itself, and my thing is not to try to influence what is going to happen,” he said.