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LOOKA LEW: Let children be children

Eric Lewis

LOOKA LEW: Let children be children

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Wait, you igrunt or something? Don’t tell me that you had to wait til a school principal tell your child, do not bring that bag back in here, for you to understand that your child should not be taking to school a bag covered with images of marijuana leaves or half-naked women.

Cause I understand, some children turned up at schools at the beginning of the term, with those kinda bags, and were told don’t bring them back. In fact, it has been reported, that bags like those have now been banned from schools across the island.

But I guess you saw the haversacks or backpacks in town selling. Some had on marijuana leaves, sexy half-dressed women, money, jewellery and even guns. Well, I heard someone saying, the bags with those kinda images were for adults, but school children like them and have been buying them.

I was also told that you really can’t blame a lot of the parents, because many of them give the children money to buy a school bag. The children go into town and buy what they want.

Oh, really? Ok, I understand that sometimes you have to give children a lil responsibility and allow them to do things on their own. But if you give a child $300 to buy a bag, I feel that when that child comes home from shopping, that you should ask the child to bring the item so you could see what they bought with your money. And if the item is not to your liking, then you go back in town with them and have it exchanged.

Now this is not a debate about whether smoking herb is right or wrong, or whether marijuana should be legalised or not, because I know some people gine be saying, “wuh I aint see nothing wrong wid lil herb”.  But what I trying to say is that children suppose to act like children.

Which brings me to this. Some parents does pierce them lil boys ears from early, some lil girls even got navel rings. So we got lil boys still drinking breast milk and sucking them finger but walking bout with earrings in both ears, it aint for me to say whether that is right or wrong, you as a parent would know what you doing.

But I got serious issues when your lil boy ears pierced and the earring he is wearing is in the shape of a gun, or the pendant on his chain is an assault rifle. Now I know somebody gine say, that we does buy toy guns for the children to play with, and video games that got in shooting and killing, so what wrong with the child wearing a gun in his ear?

And when you could seriously ask me that kinda question, well I know where this conversation gine, so I done with that. Let us talk something else.

I want to know your secret. Things bout here rough, people aint got no money, nuff people on the breadline, and things expensive. My question to you is, how the hell can you afford to buy a $300 school bag for a child? Did you win the Lotto? Tell me the secret.

And I could already hear some of you shouting, “but Lew, the children does got them own money. Many of them buy these things with their own money.”

Ahhh, but where them getting this money from? Tell me so I could go and get some.

See ya.