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NCF session gets heated


NCF session gets heated

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They were invited to talk, and they did.

Last Wednesday when the National Cultural Foundation held its Let’s Talk Calypso session at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed, chief executive officer Cranston Browne asked stakeholders to share their views and to contribute to the session.

It started out quietly but soon became a bubbling pot of interaction that many times Browne had to warn some contributors about getting personal.

The heat generated did not escape from the Steel Shed, however, as those who locked horns across the tables were seen embracing each other after the session.

Some of the topics down for discussion included the need for deliberations among judges at the various calypso competitions, the imposition of a cut off age for minors to be on a stage for the mature competitions, the definition of what is a calypso to determine its placement in the various competitions and the participating of duets as well as solo acts.

Those making contributions from the floor included soca artiste Brett Linton, former calypso kings Red Plastic Bag, Mighty Gabby, Adrian Clarke and Kid Site; tent managers Sharon Carew-White of House of Soca, Eleanor Rice of Cave Shepherd, calypsonian Ronnie Clarke, jazz show producer Gilbert Rowe, broadcaster Admiral Nelson in his own capacity, songwriter and performer Sanctuary, calypsonian Bill Board and historian Trevor Marshall.

There was a heated discussion between Gabby and Leslie Lett, chief judge of the Party Monarch and Soca Monarch, stemming from Gabby’s statement about the standard of judging.

All’s well that ended well because the two were seen minutes afterwards having a laugh and embracing each other.

What is a calypso also came under scrutiny from Marshall who gave a thumbs down to some of the more popular songs that made it to the top of the Pic-O-De-Crop finals.