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Fines fuss

Antoinette Connell

Fines fuss

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Some minibus drivers, tired of paying out thousands of dollars in traffic fines to avoid jail, are planning to take a different route to court.

They want to sue the authorities, claiming that the traffic fines in the Bridgetown courts are harsh and excessive compared to the other jurisdictions.

The group of drivers, one of whom had a court office receipt for $1 100 in fines forthwith, met in Queen’s Park yesterday and are now seeking a lawyer to take up their case.

The drivers and conductors, who usually ply the Bridgetown to Speightstown route, told the DAILY NATION they were tired of having the threat of jail hanging over their heads.

The fines, they pointed out, could include $600 forthwith for lack of a seat belt, or picking up passengers other than at a bus pole, and carry an alternative of 55 days in jail if not paid on the spot.