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Youth charting course with new technology

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Youth charting course with new technology

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Young people have wholeheartedly embraced the new information and communication technologies which are allowing them to focus on issues affecting them.

​This was the core of a message from the Global Shapers Community Bridgetown for Caribbean Youth Day, being celebrated today.

​The theme for the day is Embracing Technology To Promote Innovative And Sustainably Conscious Caribbean Youth.

“As a youth-led organisation under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community recognises the potential of technology to uplift our young people. Young people increasingly use social media to amplify their voices and bring focus to key issues which confront them. Youth are also making use of numerous online educational opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and employability.

“In the area of business, many Caribbean youth are making significant contributions to their economies with new start-up companies in software development, animation, social media marketing and website design and management. Online spaces developed by organisations such as the Caribbean Regional Youth Council and the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors are also deepening the regional integration process and providing opportunities for young people to enhance their personal and professional development,” the message stated.

The Global Shapers has two projects with strong technology focus and which it stressed are poised to make a significant contribution to the community.

​One is the Profit Planner, a 21-day online course through which participants get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. The participants also combine that knowledge with their personal strengths to generate new and exciting business ideas.

In addition, the Shapers will shortly launch BimChix: Y-WAIT (Young Women Advancing in Technology).

“This project seeks to inspire young females to consider a career in technology. It will also provide networking, training opportunities, guidance and mentorship by female professionals in the information technology field,” the message added.

However, the organisation conceded that along with positive benefits, there were obvious consequences if new technologies were misused.

“We therefore urge all Caribbean youth to utilise technologies in a safe and responsible manner to protect their image and their reputation. New technologies are here to stay and can bring unprecedented socio-economic transformation for the Caribbean if we harness their potential in a truly purpose-driven way. Let us then continue to shape our country, shape our region and shape our world,” the group concluded. (PR/AC)