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Fog’s ‘the cause’

Maria Bradshaw

Fog’s ‘the cause’

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The environmental problem plaguing Grazettes Primary School was as a result of improper fogging which took place there three weeks ago, ahead of the start of the new school term.

This was revealed yesterday by Chief Education Officer Laurie King and his deputy Karen Best, who visited the school, which once again closed early because of a lingering odour.

Reports also indicated that only five of the 24 teachers reported for school yesterday.

Grazettes will be closed temporarily and ministry officials are making arrangements for classes to be relocated to a nearby church.

Best explained that the fogging team had breached standing procedures.

“The protocol for the fogging was not followed,” she said. “The school was supposed to be opened and that did not happen and they were supposed to use dry fog but they used it wet.”  

In relation to the five times the school had been closed due to the ongoing problem, King said the ministry had done everything possible to deal with the issue, including industrial cleaning and installing an extractor, but the odour was still lingering.