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Former Beautify workers protest

Carlos Atwell

Former Beautify workers protest

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Former workers of the now defunct Beautify Barbados programme gathered outside the Ministry of Environment yesterday, demanding answers about money they said was owed to them.

It was the second day running that disgruntled retrenched Government workers remonstrated next to the offices of their former employers over unpaid benefits. On Monday, severed Transport Board workers protested.

Alex Gibson, spokesman for the Beautify Barbados group which gathered in Warrens, St Michael, said his colleagues were worried about their finances since their unemployment payments were about to expire.

He said they were also concerned that benefits had been cut without their knowledge.

“They cut our 20 per cent gratuity to ten per cent without a reason in 2002 and we didn’t even know until we joined the union [National Union of Public Workers]. When we questioned it, they said it was across the board . . . ,” said Gibson, who logged eight years.  

Another gripe was vacation pay. Marcia Moore claimed that those who worked for Beautify Barbados for more than five years were not getting their full benefits.