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Struggling but faithful

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Struggling but faithful

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Dear Christine,

I hope this letter reaches you in good health and strength.

I write to you today because I am in need of housing. I have been searching for somewhere for a while now with no success and I have to leave where I am as soon as possible. 

I do have a job, but only for three days a week at this point, for the minimum wage. I also have some skills I make money from but that doesn’t come as often as I would like.

My life has been nowhere easy. I had my first child at a young age. From there onward I was on my own. I’ve been molested, raped, beaten and homeless. I’ve slept in shelters, but none of those things have left me as broken as knowing I have nowhere to take my children.

My first child begged me not to go back to the shelter or end up in the news because the embarrassment will be too much.

Despite it all, we have always been close and together. The thought of splitting them up or losing them through this is more than I can handle.

I’ve always made sure, regardless of the situation, that they are safe, that they have food, shelter, whatever is necessary for education and love. I’ve always done my best to ensure I bring them up in the right way, to give them stability, and that my situation would not tarnish their chances in life.

It isn’t easy for me but I try to make it work.

Now I’m lost. I cannot afford a house for $700 a month, plus bills. Supporting them already takes everything I work for, and the little I saved was used when I was out of work and money was slow.

I’ve been to the National Housing Corporation every two weeks for the last year but I’ve been told over and over again that they cannot help. I rented a room in a house with some other people but it was awful, and due to the fact I’m big on hygiene, and privacy was nil, having a teenage daughter in those conditions seemed a lot more dangerous than the other option I took.

This also caused me to lose most of my furniture and appliances, since I had nowhere to store them at that point.

Then there are the many men who try to take advantage of you because you look needy. They say a woman could never suffer. I’m not going that route.

I promised myself a long time ago I would not fall to prostitution or illegal activities to get by, neither am I looking for easy handouts. I always prefer to provide for me and my children. I try to stay independent but life takes its toll. I’m only ever able to keep my head above water.

I don’t want my children scattered around the place. I don’t want to leave them in the hands of people for them to experience the abuse I did.

Most of my abuse came from lodging at people’s homes, or like in the case of my ex, knowing I had nowhere to go. There’s so much more than I can say, but this letter would become pages long.

Please, if you know of anyone renting for a reasonable price in St Michael area, I would appreciate it.

If you see it best to post this letter, please do so, but I’m writing to you because I don’t know where else to turn right now.

I’m going to leave my number in case you need to contact me.

Thank you so much.

– Staying Faithful


Dear Staying Faithful,

From reading your letter I can tell you are an intelligent person and I know you are articulate.

I am aware that my assistant has already spoken to you and we are both satisfied that your case is one of urgency, since you had to vacate your current place of abode by Tuesday.

I am appealing to anyone who has a place to rent in St Michael to give you some form of assistance.

These are days when we need to be our brother’s keepers, so I am looking forward to some speedy responses.