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TT must prepare for Ebola

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

TT must prepare for Ebola

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Trinidad and Tobago must get ready to face the deadly Ebola outbreak, Independent Senator Anthony Vieira warned.

“I would like to warn also that the Ebola outbreak should not be a black swan event for Trinidad and Tobago, we need to marshal our resources against this potential hazard, failing to properly do so may have a negative, perhaps even disastrous, effect and it could set us back of all the gains we have fought so hard to achieve,” said Vieira.

He was speaking during the budget debate at the Senate sitting.

Vieira urged Government to allocate funds towards strengthening the public health sector by training medical personnel so they have the skills needed to heal Ebola patients, while safeguarding themselves and the public.

He said responders, care-givers and those who man the borders should have protective equipment ready.

Vieira added that appropriate waste and disposal systems must be put in place to deal with infected clothing and bed cloths and there must be a legal authority in place to quarantine those who have been exposed.

“Ebola is a lethal disease which needs to be taken seriously. If we wait for it to get here before investing in the proper equipment, facilities and training we may be allowing ourselves to be exposed to an unpredictable but avoidable set of losses,” said Vieira.

He noted there was no mention of Ebola and the preparation against it in the national budget. (Trinidad Express)