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PUDDING AND SOUSE:  Who guards the guard?

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PUDDING AND SOUSE:  Who guards the guard?

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THERE IS A FEMALE security guard who claims to be a Christian but is sleeping around with married men.

Her friends are trying to figure out if she targets these men because she does not want a commitment or if she just delights in the drama of breaking up marriages.

Recently, she kicked her latest victim to the curb after he spent money on her, taking her to lunch and dinner, driving her to and from work and lavishing her with gifts.

People are now waiting to see who will be her next married sugar daddy.


12% cut coming

A GOVERNMENT-FUNDED DEPARTMENT which preserves this country’s historical treasures has become the latest casualty of Government’s austerity programmes.

We understand that staff was given the news this week that they would have to take a whopping 12 per cent cut.

However, some of them are not taking this news lightly and have hopped over to certain offices nearby for representation.


No book, no money 


That is what a certain organisation is asking four years after it advanced a significant sum of money to a professional woman to write a book.

Not a single page has been printed – not even the index as to what would be contained in the book.

For sure, the situation has been very embarrassing since she holds a very lofty position.

Another important question for which no answers seem to be forthcoming is: “Where is the money?”

We await the conclusion to this state of affairs.


Social media shame

A CERTAIN VILLAGE RAM, renowned for butting his way around the district has found himself in hot water – not with the law but with the live-in mistress.

According to reports, he had developed a reputation for being known as “the girl’s perfume” and was like a ram on hire, here, there and everywhere.

But the truth of his actions was the shocker when one of his victims recently posted a video of him in bed. Unfortunately, rather than performing what he used to brag about as “the big things”, the social media broadcast featured him in butting mood.

Now the news is out, word is that he has been a Frenchman for a long time, since the normal side of things had been committed to burial a long time ago.