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Sex worker case set for next year

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Sex worker case set for next year

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A man who allegedly had a difference of opinion with a local sex worker will go on trial next year on a charge of wounding the woman.

Francois Rommel Patrick White, 40, of Odessa McClean Drive, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael, appeared yesterday in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, where he initially admitted he wounded the woman on October 1.

Prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, who outlined the facts, said the woman was a sex worker who plied her trade at Bush Hill, the Garrison, and that the accused had apparently “entered into some form of contract for sex” with her.

The prosecutor said there “was a meeting of the minds”, after which they journeyed to the “inner basin of the Garrison Savannah” to culminate the contract.

An incident then occurred which resulting in White being arrested and charged.

​​However, when called upon to give his defence, White indicated that some of what had been outlined by the prosecution was true, while other parts were not.

“We ain’t had sex,” he said referring to some of the facts that had been outlined.

He further told the court it was the woman who started the altercation and took his money, prompting him to defend himself.

“That is why I went for the brick,” he said.

But Magistrate Douglas Frederick informed the accused that his statement showed a defence of self-defence.

As a result, the magistrate entered a not-guilty plea on the accused man’s behalf and, after there was no objection to bail by the prosecution, he released White on $2 500 bail with a surety.

The accused returns to court on January 29. (SD)