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Muslims: No fear

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Muslims: No fear

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While 50 Trinidadian Muslims are reported to be in Syria to fight with Islamic State, there is no indication that any of their Barbadian counterparts are following suit.

This assertion has come from Muslim spokesman Sabir Nakhuda, who told the SUNDAY SUN that Barbadians had nothing to fear from the local Muslim community and neither was any area in the country being used as a breeding ground for terrorists.

Nakhuda said though reports had indicated that Trinidad and Tobago citizens had joined the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, there was no evidence or signs of any Muslim in Barbados having any desire to head to the Middle East to engage in terrorist activity.  

In fact, Nakhuda told the SUNDAY SUN that the Barbados Muslim community condemned the actions of ISIS and the Trinidadian Muslims. Describing the group as “deviant” and “criminal”, Nakhuda expressed his confidence that no Barbadian Muslims would join ISIS because they were “more knowledgeable of our faith and we know what is truth, what is right and what is falsehood”. (SDB Media)