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ALTAR CALL: Shaking up the nation

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: Shaking up the nation

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THERE’S A SHAKING going on and God is the one doing it.

He is shaking this nation, shaking some things and people out of your life. When He shakes, He really shakes to bring about His will.

Speaking at Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries International during this ministry’s second anniversary recently, visiting minister Pastor Tony Barrow said the current shaking by God would bring a much greater blessing.

Regarding Barbados, he said God must shake this nation to get rid of the wickedness.

“There is much sin, evil, iniquity and unrighteousness in this land. God will not use anyone on a higher level, neither can a person be truly anointed until he or she has been shaken by God.”

The young preacher said each believer who first comes to God “must first be shaken”.

“God had to shake some things off of us and to this day He is shaking old habits, old ways and bad attitudes. The God we serve is also a deliverer. When He shakes us, we do not look like the same persons we used to be.”

He explained that as long as an individual was “matured in God”, the shaking stopped.

“You learn how to shake, restrain and control yourself as long as you are matured in Christ. We learn how to shake ourselves and our hands, refusing, denying and declining to say yes to sin.

“Shake your hands from taking bribes. People in church will try to bribe, exhort, give you money and gifts, in order for them to do some things for you. They will try to buy you. Be careful with accepting bribes.

“You do not have to sleep with the boss to get ahead. Wait on God and shake yourself. Some people in church want to take the speck out of somebody’s eyes but they do not want to take it out of theirs. They do not want to shake themselves.”

As he paid attention to the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, Barrow told the congregation some people only wanted to hand others over to the enemy.

“Like [in the case of] Samson, while you are sleeping, your enemies are working. Learn how to have endurance.”

He also told the sanctuary at Brittons Cross Road, St Michael, that the church was “experiencing a whole lot of shaking because in many cases, the Lord is not there”.

He stressed: “Many are speaking in tongues but the Lord is not there. You will know those who are true by their fruit. You must have the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

“A lot of unsaved people can prophesy and what they say can come to pass, but it does not mean what they say is from God. Look for the gifts; Look for the fruits,” he warned.

The week of services was filled with dancing, singing, worship and praise, led by head of the ministry, Pastor Robert Herbert.

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