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Call to right wrongs

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Call to right wrongs

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THERE IS still a history of injustice that lies in the waters off Barbados’ West Coast, declared Cuban ambassador Lissette Perez Perez yesterday.

It was an injustice, added Pan Africanist David Comissiong, which could only be righted by United States President Barack Obama.

The two were speaking at a ceremony in Paynes Bay, St James, to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the bombing and downing of Cubana Flight 455 on October 6, 1976, that cost 73 people their lives.

Perez Perez told those gathered by the monument in Paynes Bay: “There is a history of injustice in the waters of Paradise Beach in Barbados. The cold-blooded murder of the 73 people aboard the passenger plane was a crime against them, their families and their countries. It was also a crime against Barbados and its people.”