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Get inspired by these looks

Natanga Smith

Get inspired by these looks

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Need some tips on how to create that matte look? How to look fab without the fuss? Certified make-up artiste Renee Ifill of NextNNatural had a three-session workshop with the answers.

From choosing the right foundation and texture to learning how to conceal those little flows, to combining the right colours, liners, lipstick and blushes and how to take your make-up from day to evening. There was a special class on contour and highlighting where the participants learnt how to sculpt and reshape their faces, how to choose the perfect foundation tones as well as how to select and use brushes and powders for perfect contouring.

“The foundation and powder create a highlighted but natural finish on the skin. Use tone and texture to enhance your favourite feature or diminish imperfection,” explained Renee.

A secret weapon? The beauty blender which is a handy tool that replaces at least three brushes. Note: it must be used wet to apply the various powders and foundations.

Prep it

Prep lips at night with Vaseline and in morning exfoliate them with a old toothbrush. Then use chapstick to set, then wipe off. Outline with pencil first, using a lip liner of a colour nearest to your lipstick to not only line but fill in the lips. The bow is there for a reasons so follow the shape of your lips. Gloss over lipstick helps pump it up.

Powder it

Prep your skin with primer. Renee advices using milk of magnesium. Start applying foundation when skin dries. Finding foundation to fit skin tone is trial and error (do swatch of three on jawline to see which fits).  The foundation rule is the fairer you are the lighter you go but modify to suit your face. The application of coverage is important so you stipple foundation on by lightly patting it on. Set under eyes with banana powder to avoid creasing. Use your corresponding setting powder. Renee is a big advocate of natural eyebrows and pull the eyebrow to fade at the start above your nose.


Highlighting is the pulling out and up and contour is receding what you don’t want. You change shape to suit and create illusion, for example, you can sculpt cheeks to get them fuller or leaner. The first thing is the foundation selection – you go two to three shades lighter to highlight.

The most important thing ias the tools needed. Use your eyeshadow to create blush or even to contour cheeks. Mix a light foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone with the one that does.