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Old charm

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Old charm

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When one begins to live and breathe art it is virtually impossible to visit any private residence or public facility without viewing and paying attention to the paintings or sculptures which grace the walls and entertainment areas.

Such was the case last week during a visit to the breathtaking Sweetfield Manor at Brittons Hill, St Michael.

Not only is this former plantation house a perfect place to relax and unwind, its contents are sure to take you back down memory lane with its old, warm charm, yet affording you the opportunity to appreciate the contemporary.

The walls of this bed and breakfast are filled with old and new relics. From the paintings of the green monkey to pastels and flowers, the artists whose works adorn this manor are the better off, as each of their creations adds a special feel and warmth to the memories this establishment holds dear, especially the paintings of the green monkeys who might have been captured on canvas as they strolled the lovely gardens and climbed the highest of trees.

When you visit Sweetfield Manor for rest, relaxation or just to have fun, take time out to view the tasteful artwork which is there. (CCH)