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Cheque cry

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Cheque cry

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HAVING RECEIVED no child maintenance cheques in September, a number of mothers are furious with authorities at the St Matthias Magistrates’ Court.

A number of women called the DAILY NATION to say they were under tremendous pressure as a result of the failure of staff at the court to disburse payments, particularly given the challenges associated with preparing children for the start of the new school year.

Some of the frustrated mothers said they were even sympathetic with the fathers who would have paid the maintenance to the court as stipulated. The Christ Church court is responsible for mailing out the cheques which are processed after the fathers make their payments.

Yesterday Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite revealed that just moments earlier, he had asked officials at the Registration Department for an update on the situation, since he had received a complaint in writing from a concerned mother. Noting that it was a perennial problem that had to be addressed, Brathwaite said he hoped to be able to speak more definitively on the subject later this week.