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Energy monitors for homes

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Energy monitors for homes

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Government is providing selected households with free monitors to determine electricity usage and assist them with lowering electricity bills.

The initiative is being implemented by Innogen Technologies Inc, a leading installer of energy solutions, including photo voltaic solar systems.

The Envir monitors provide data on current electricity consumption as well as on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, the householder has a display showing how much money they are spending per day or month.

A major benefit of the monitor is that it shows how much energy is being used by individual appliances. So when main appliances are turned on or off the device provides the information on the electricity increase or decrease.

Innogen Technologies also provides the households with a list of energy saving tips.

As a result of having a central monitoring device connected to the main breaker panel the householder, with the relevant information, would be in a position to monitor those appliances which are functioning inefficiently and plan to change them. It would also assist in planning to have an off the grid or grid-tied photo voltaic solar system installed.

government has set a target to have 29 per cent of current energy usage from fossil fuels replaced by alternative energy in 2029. Minister responsible for Energy Senator Darcy Boyce has, however, expressed optimism of this figure being surpassed before the anticipated date. (HH)