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DEAR CHRISTINE: AIDS is out there, stop running around

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: AIDS is out there, stop running around

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Dear Christine,

I first send you greetings in the name of the Lord and hope He will grant you the strength to keep up your good work.

This is my first letter to you and I hope you will publish it soon. It has to do with an old-time friend. We were friends for a long time, and then he left me for another woman.

He showed this woman to me one day and honestly she looks very nice. I thought after he found this hard-working, nice woman he would stop running around, but to my surprise, although he left me for her, he still wanted to have sex with me.

Well Christine, I am not telling any lies. Seven months ago I met a guy and we started an affair. He has since died from AIDS – so I know I must have it. It seems like all I did was give that old friend of mine some sex with AIDS.

Please, Christine, I hope he sees this letter and stops running around. I hope all men will keep to one woman and stop the running around. Not only will they get AIDS, but will pass it on to the women they are involved with. I am looking forward to seeing your response soon.

– P.H.

Dear P.H.,

For a woman who has been supposedly infected with the HIV virus, you seem very callous and appear to have no sympathy for yourself, your old friend or his new-found love.

I know what a temptation it is to get even with someone who has hurt you in some way, but I feel in the long run you won’t be happy with what seems to please you now.

If your letter is indeed genuine and you are infected, it is your responsibility to speak to this man face to face, like you did when you were being intimate with him.

Why would you want to inform him via this column? Is it because you are trying to break up this man’s relationship with this woman? (By the way, I have deleted all references to this woman’s vocation just in case it is your intention to make her a public spectacle.)

If you are infected (at this point you have no doctor’s verification), I hope you’ll be able to make things right in your own life.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to know when the end is around the corner. Those who know don’t usually settle earthly scores when they are well aware they will have one to settle Up There.

It would hardly be in your favour if you had to account for the deliberate destruction of innocent lives.

If you are ill, I’m sorry to hear and I hope it will serve as  you would  want it to be: a warning to others.

 I wish you a peaceful heart.